Risky beer came into the world

People say the importance of beer is the feeling of beer going down their throat, its smoothness, or the sharpness in taste etc.
But there is actually only one point—
Delicious or Not.

Drink Menu

Small size 280ml 650yen (tax excluded)
Medium size 385ml 850yen (tax excluded)


alcohol content of 6%
A refreshing beer with well-matched strong bitterness & citrus flavor with a strong aroma

Black Relaxation

alcohol content of 7%
A black beer covered by a well-matched herbal complex aroma
It has a strong flavor to remove the botheration

Pale Red Excuse

alcohol content of 5%
Beautiful crimson beer with an acidic strawberry & delicate honey flavor

Meetnig of Wheat

alcohol content of 5%
A quaffable white beer with wheat
A well-matched orange peel & coriander smell

Food Menu

2 types of sausages 700yen
Thick-sliced bacon 650yen
Japanese cattle cold canned beef 500yen
Cucumber pickled with beer 450yen
Smoked mixed nuts 400yen
Smoked raisins 350yen