The art of harmony

Sweetness and bitterness. Fierceness and calmness.
We wish for harmony of all elements.
Our four regular beers,
they are four harmony crystals.

Drink Menu

Small size 280ml
Medium size 385ml


alcohol content of 6%

This IPA uses a lot of aroma hops. A refreshing beer that harmonizes the citrus aroma and strong bitterness.

Black Depressant

alcohol content of 7%

Black beer covered with complex aromas of herbs. It has a strong aroma that makes you forget your troubles.

Pale Red Excuse

alcohol content of 5%

A beautiful red beer with a refreshing acidity of strawberries and a hint of honey.

Encounter of Barley

alcohol content of 5%

An easy-to-drink white beer made with wheat. Orange peel and coriander seeds are comfortably fragrant.

Food Menu

2 types of sausages
Thick-sliced bacon
Japanese cattle cold canned beef
Cucumber pickled with beer
Smoked mixed nuts
Smoked raisins