Note: This beer contains KAWASAKI.
With your five senses, thoroughly enjoy the past, present, and future of KAWASAKI that has 4 different faces which are Tokaido,the Kawasaki shuku,a barley field, and
a factory.


We infuse a glass of beer with the meaning of “BE“.
BE… which means the current position, figure, & spirit.
WILL BE… which indicates our target future.
And … We will show you our ideal form.

Are we immature?
Are we foolish?
Yes we affirm it. That is our present state.
But we keep moving.
Even scattered molecules that were once shattered constellate again to become a star.
Then it produces heat and gives off a radiance. The intense light reaches billions of light years away.
If we could share the time of light with you, that is happiness to us.

Beauty is harmony and destruction.
Savor, relish, taste, experience energy…
It is no use trying to line up words like them.
You will know when you drink it.